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    Exporting to XER


      Hi everyone,


      I am working on a schedule on Primavera P6 V.8.2 with web based access. I need to email my schedule to someone, and I was thinking of exporting it to .XER and send the .XER by email. But it seems that there is no way to export it to.XER.


      In other words, I can not find a way to backup my files in XER format. I can export it to XML and EXCEL and that is all I see in the options. There is no option for XER.

      Is there any option?


      Thanks a lot.

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          Hi Azi,


          I was going to reply to your previous thread but its been locked for some reason.


          The XER format is only compatible with the P6 Client (the windows desktop client, P6 Professional).

          Both P6 Web and P6 Client support XML files so you should be able to use this to exchange the schedule with the other person.


          It's worth noting that 8.3 introduced a host of new features around importing/exporting XML that allow you to manipulate some of the data as it goes in.

          XML is definitely the format to start using going forward - that is where Oracle will be making the changes/improvements when it comes to import/export.





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            Hi Alex,


            I don't know why my previous thread had been locked! That's why I created a new discussion.


            Thanks alot for the info. So, I guess I will be using XML option for the exchange.


            Thanks again for the help.