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    Configuring AQ on websphere



      I have an urgent requirement to implement AQ as a JMS provider in Websphere. Has anyone done this before. Kindly help.

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          From the WebSphere documentation, I can see a way to integrate/define third-part non-JCA messaging providers. I can see some of the blogs explaining the steps to make AQ (AQ JMS) work with WebSphere JMS. This is purely based on my readings and I have not tried this myself.

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                I am trying to do the same and was wondering on some details. I am getting an exception while configuring the Oracle AQ Resource adapter. It says missing oracle.j2ee.ra.jms.generic.JMSResourceAdapter. Which jar has this class ? I looked into oc4j-internal jar but could not find it. Can you let me know the jar files which would be needed for Resource Adapter installation ?