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    read_image_file issue resizing when format=>url



      I'm migrating from 6i

      I have some images to display, let's say logos and such, which in c/s I loaded with read_image_file into an image_item.


      Now, in the 11g version, I've put all that logos in a jar, as the read_image_file is now relative to the weblogic server, not the forms client.


      So, I'm changing this code:


      Read_Image_File ('H:\mypath\logos\mylogo.tif', 'TIFF', 'block.image_item1');


      by this:


      synchronize;     -- now this is neccesary

      Read_image_file (file_name => 'aenor.gif', file_type => 'url', item_name => 'BLOQUE.LOGO1');


      after converting my logo to gif and putting it inside a jar (which I load properly in formsweb.cfg).


      The problem:

      I see the image, but,

      If I set sizing style property to adjust, the image appears very tiny inside the image_item .


      If I set that property to crop, the image crops as expected (the gif is bigger than the item).


      Any hint or workaround (other than resizing the gif)?