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    Mapping Primavera User login with Windows Active Directory




      Need help with Mapping Primavera user login with Windows Active Directory. For example if there are 4 users using primavera and they have user login named 'user 1', 'user 2', 'user 3', and 'user 4'. How to map these primavera users login to match to Active directory ID? What are the step by step guide in doing this? Anyone could help on this area?



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          The first time setup requires quite a bit of setting up.

          I've detailed some info about P6/LDAP in a previous thread that might be worth looking up but the first document to look through would be


          http:// docs.oracle.com/cd/E25030_01/index.htm

          (remove the space after // - the forum was converting it to the site name instead)


          On that site search for LDAP

          You will want the article titled: Provisioning LDAP User Information for the First Time for P6 EPPM


          This should be your primary guide, any problems following that please let us know.


          Also in regards your post - the names in P6 and LDAP will need to match so you would need "user 1" , "user 2" as the login names in Active Directory (I would also avoid special characters in usernames, this includes spaces)





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            Hi Alex,


            Thanks once again for the reply and useful document. I will read through it and try it out soon. Will get back if there is any doubt on the LDAP/SSO configuration areas.



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              Hi Alex,


              I have tried doing the LDAP Configuration in P6 EPPM 8.3.

              As shown in the document (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E25030_01/index.htm) , I have tried configuration and Input all information needed to connect to the Microsoft Active Directory.


              I also added one "Admin superuser" in P6 Web, exactly as what the username is in the Active Directory. I saved it and logged out before changing the settings from NATIVE to LDAP.


              After adding in all the needed information in the LDAP Configuration areas, "Test connection" was also done and it showed successful. So once after it was successful, I saved the changes and Logged out.


              When i tried to Login to Primavera Using P6 Web (https://localhost:7002/p6) it showed invalid username or password. It did not grant me access into the system.


              When i tried to login to P6 Client, it showed Error " Error: "Invalid login name or password. Could not bind to object LDAP://<LDAP_Host>:<SSL_Port>/<Base_Directory_Node> (8007203A".



              Also on the "SSL Certificate Store and SSL Store Password" , what are they about? Is it a must for this configuration?


              Also on the Port Number, Before Configuring it shows "636" as default. But in the organization when i asked for Active Directory Port, they provided me with "389". what does this 2 different ports Represent?


              Regards and Thanks in advance