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    ORA-28267 Inavlid Namespace Value

    Bhaskar Kolloju-Oracle
      I am running a sql query on a table accessing through a dblink
      Some thing like: select name from sample_table@r_rblink
      Assume the dblink is created in a db named :local_db

      I am using this sql query in a java file. I have deployed an ADF application on Weblogic which accesses the java file. This query execution fails with the following error :
      ORA-28267: Invalid NameSpace value
      ORA-02063: preceding line from r_dblink

      Please note that, this runs properly when I deployed the application in my local weblogic server. How ever, fails on another setup of weblogic server (the same db instances are used in both the weblogic setups).

      Some info:
      While setting up the JDBC source following configuration is used:

      Driver Name: Oracle Driver (Thin XA) for instance connections: Version: 9.0.1, 9.2.0, 10, 11
      Driver Class: oracle.jdbc.xa.client.OracleXADataSource

      Please provide me any pointers on resolving this issue.

      Thank you.
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          René van Wijk
          Is it possible to change to type of database driver to non-XA.

          Try marking your query as read only, so that it does not start a transaction over multiple resources

          @The database
          In a distributed environment, if a select is issued in a session without the SET TRANSACTION READ ONLY command, the select query is considered a distributed transaction. If the parameter distributed_transactions is set too low, this will result in an ORA-2063.
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            We have tried testing few jobs in ODI 11 after upgrading ODI from 10 to 11.1.1, there are couple of procedures that were failed during execution. These DB procedures are in 11g database and accessing data on 10g database using dblinks, this is causing the issues when we try to execute the jobs from ODI 11. However we are not facing any issues with the programs that are accessing data in 9i database with DB links.

            Any information on this will be appreciated.

            Below are the errors we are receiving:

            ODI-1228: Task comempload_prc (Procedure) fails on the target ORACLE connection GOMACDW.
            Caused By: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: number precision too large
            ORA-06512: at "PAFDW.DWSALESREP_LOAD_PKG", line 605
            ORA-28267: Invalid NameSpace Value
            ORA-02063: preceding line from ACDW_MDS_LINK
            ORA-06512: at line 2
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              There is a bug when accessing a dblink to a 10G database from an 11G database. This is logged as SR 11708510 and it is fixed by Patch 13923804 - Patch Set Update (11G database patch).

              Alternatively, you can create the dblink to an 11G database instead.

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                Or, if you have the adequate permissions, create duplicates of the 10g dblinked table(s) and data in your 11g schema, eliminating the need for a dblink altogether. This is how I overcame this limitation in Oracle 11g XE.
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                  Don Kleppinger

                  Using ojdbc6.jar instead of ojdbc6dms.jar will fix it in jdeveloper but later versions of ADF need ojdbc6dms.jar.  If your not using ADF it may work by using ojdbc6dms.jar.  


                  To fix comment out these lines

                  In your oracle_home\jdeveloper\system11.\DefaultDomain\bin\setDomainEnv.sh or setDomainEnv.cmd

                  oracle_home is where your jdeveloper is installed.

                  setDomainEnv.sh (linux)

                  # PRE_CLASSPATH="${COMMON_COMPONENTS_HOME}/modules/oracle.jdbc_11.1.1/ojdbc6dms.jar$


                  #if [ "${PRE_CLASSPATH}" != "" ] ; then{CLASSPATHSEP}${PRE_CLASSPATH}"

                  # export PRE_CLASSPATH



                  # PRE_CLASSPATH="${COMMON_COMPONENTS_HOME}/modules/oracle.jdbc_11.1.1/ojdbc6dms.jar"

                  # export PRE_CLASSPATH



                  setDomainEnv.cmd (windows)

                  REM if NOT "%PRE_CLASSPATH%"=="" (

                  REM     set PRE_CLASSPATH=%COMMON_COMPONENTS_HOME%\modules\oracle.jdbc_11.1.1\ojdbc6dms.jar;%PRE_CLASSPATH%

                  REM ) else (

                  REM     set PRE_CLASSPATH=%COMMON_COMPONENTS_HOME%\modules\oracle.jdbc_11.1.1\ojdbc6dms.jar


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                    Thanks Nick