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    Applying a Template to an existing Item in Oracle PIM


      While creating an Item , we are selecting a template then submit an Item.

      Item Status is set as New Item once the item is created.

      Once the Item becomes Active, we are trying to apply a different template to the same using 2 different modes.


      1) inserting a record into Interface table





              VALUES (171023,83 ,1011,3085,'SOURCE FINISHED GOODS',ln_process_id,1,'UPDATE');


      and submit a request. This gets completed Normally but changes are not reflected to the Item


      2) using public API


      ego_item_pub.process_item ( p_api_version        => 1.0  

                                                  , p_init_msg_list     =>'T'

                                                  , p_commit            =>'T'  

                                                  , p_inventory_item_id => ln_inventory_item_id /* Inventory_item_id to which Category has to be updated*/

                                                  , p_Item_Number       => lv_item_number       /* Item Bumber to which Category has to be updated*/

                                                  , p_organization_id   => ln_organization_id   /* Organization id of the Item which we are trying to update */

                                                  , p_Template_Id       => ln_template_id       /* Template ID of the Item which we are trying to update*/

                                                  , p_apply_template     => lv_template_name     /* Template Name of the Item which we are trying to update*/

                                                  , p_transaction_type  => lv_transaction_type  /* Transaction type is always update as Item already holds a value */

                                                  , x_inventory_item_id => x_inventory_item_id

                                                  , x_organization_id   => x_organization_id

                                                  , x_return_status     => lv_return_status     /* this is generated once the job is done by the API to check the result */

                                                  , x_msg_count         => ln_msg_count

                                                  , x_msg_data          => lv_msg_data   


      Even this doesnt help us..


      Can you let me know how can i get this done?