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    Golden Gate binaries upgrade




      Our current environment (both Source & Target) is GG on 64bits Redhat 5.7 EE.


      We do have a few Integrated Extracts running (with DDL supprt ) on the current Oracle 11.2.0 environments.


      Can somebody share an idea or help on how we can upgrade

           *** current GG 6 to including current Extract & Replicat on Target database running.

      I have downloaded the binaries/tar for version but it does not include proper "How to instructions".


      A direction to some web links or metalink will be much appreciated.





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          I believe it should be straight forward as below but not sure if that is right.


          1. stop all extracts & replicates

          2.  backup current binaries on both source & target side.

          3. Extract binaries on /tmp directory.  

          4. Override binaries with on /tmp

          5. do not change default dirprm .. directories.

          6. Check the version


          7. Upgrade checkpointtable ggs_owner.chkptab  on target side.


          On Source

          SQL> @ddl_disable

          SQL> @ddl_remove

          SQL> @marker_remove

          SQL> @marker_setup

          SQL> @ddl_setup



          SQL> @ddl_enable


          alter extract <> etrollover

          On target


          alter replicat <> extseqno <next number>

          On source


          start extract <>

          start replicat <>