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    OSB Routing Options - requests sends to not right JDBC Data Source




      My enviroment:

      1) Oracle Service Bus Version:

      2) 1 cluster, 6 managed servers, 6 JDBC Data Source (target for cluster) for JNDI name:





      My functional schema

      Request -> ProxyService -> LocalProxy(Routing->RoutingOptions->URI->XQuery->EndpointURI(for example "jca://eis/DB/TEST6")) -> BusinsesService


      My problem

      It works, and requests sends to correct and right JDBC Data Source. But for moment when high perfomance for OSB, some requests sends to not right JDBC Data Source, for example to jdbc/TEST1 instead of jdbc/TEST6, and message traccing show that EndpointURI is jca://eis/DB/TEST6.

      Could you please help me, what is reason of problem? Maybe enviroment configuration not correct? What can I check?