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    Clusterware and/or RAC on separate storage, synchronized through applying redo logs?


      Hello Experts,


      I'm researching High Availability architectures in order to meet high SLA demands (>= 99.7% uptime and "no significant data loss") for a customer.

      I have limited resources for setting up this architecture: two physical database servers running 11g Standard Edition (so Data Guard is not an option), Enterprise Edition is not an option because of the price. Data storage will be on a SAN.


      The most ideal solution would be an architecture including node redundancy (Clusterware / RAC) and data redundancy (as in Physical Standby: applying redo logs in stead of mirroring (physical corrupted) data files).


      I have researched Clusterware and RAC, but they both use shared storage. I will be using a SAN for storage, but this will not prevent the mirroring of physical corrupted data files.

      Is it possible to set up an Clusterware/RAC architecture with each node on separate storage, where both data stores are synchronized through applying redo logs?

      Is it possible to apply redo logs instantly to minimize data loss in case of automatic failover?


      If more information is needed, I will gladly provide this.


      Thanks in advance,