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    FRM-10142 HTTP Listener is not running



      I have windows7 32 bit on my PC. I installed oracle 11g forms & reports successfully and forms were running properly. But when I reboot my PC I'm unable to run forms and error message appears FRM-10142 HTTP Listener is not running. I reinstalled forms & reports once again form was running good but when I restart/shutdown my PC this error message again appears. Please somebody help me to fix this error.

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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle

          As the error suggests, the HTTP Listener is not running.  You need to start it manually.  However before doing so, you need to decide which listener you want to use with your Builder.  If you installed Forms/Reports 11.1.2.x and chose the "Deployment" installation option, you will be able to use either OHS (Oracle HTTP Server) or WLS (WebLogic Server).  If you chose the "Development" installation type, then OHS would not be included by default and using WLS would be the only option.


          For 11.1.1.x you will be able to choose OHS or WLS.


          Open your Builder then the Preferences dialog.  Click on the Runtime tab.  In the Application Server URL field the URL to the listener should be shown.  If not, click on the button "Reset Default".  Note the port number in the URL.  Is it 8888 or 9001.  If 8888, OHS will be used.  If 9001, WLS will be acting as the HTTP listener.


          Be sure to also set the Browser Location field while in the Preferences dialog.  Not setting this will cause other problems.

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            Dear MichaelFerrante, I installed Forms/Reports 11.1.2.x and choose "Development" installation type. when i click "Reset Default" into Runtime tab my port number becomes 7001 except 8888 or 9001. FRM-10142 HTTP Listener is not running Problem is still there. Please help me out. I'm really upset for that and made several time installation Forms/Reports in order to run forms

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              Michael Ferrante-Oracle

              Sorry, that was my mistake.  You are correct.  The Development install type will result in a port number of 7001.  This is correct.  In order to access it, you need to start the WLS Admin Server.  If this is a Windows installation, you should find a Windows Shortcut from Start.


              Also, it is important that you carefully read the documentation before you started the installation.  For example, if your machine does not have a static IP address and you have not installed the Windows Loopback Adapter then you likely will have problems running anything.  The System Requirements and Installation Guides are the two key documents.  Another relevant document would be the Certification Guide.




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                I have started WL Admin Server too by giving user name and password but the problem could not be resolved. Installation is completed successfully and form was running good. Error occur when I restart / shutdown my machine. May be my IP address conflict that disturb http listener.

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                  Michael Ferrante-Oracle

                  It is starting to sound like you did not review the System Requirements Guide and Installation Guide before starting your installation.  BEFORE installing you must ensure that the machine has a static IP address and/or the Windows Loopback Adapter installed and configured.  If you plan to use the Loopback adapter because you do not have a static address then you must also update the system hosts file to reflect the machine name and the IP address you chose while configuring the Loopback adapter.


                  Also, it is unclear what you mean by "you started Admin server by giving the username and password".  Just because you provided a user name and password, doesn't necessarily mean it is still running when you attempt to run something.  If you successfully started it, you would have a DOS window open and one of the last lines in the terminal would say "RUNNING".  If you don't see that, it likely isn't running.


                  So, can you get to any of these URLs?