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    SQL Developer 4EA1 + APEX Listener Administration local/remote DB bug


      I have a remote server running APEX Listener. The listener and the database run on the same host (for now). As such, the hostname should be "localhost" in the connection settings for APEX Listener.


      I can connect to the remote server and load the configuration without issue through SQL Developer. The issue is that I cannot save (or test correctly). The test message is:


      Database Settings apex:

      Cannot connect to APEX_PUBLIC_USER. ORA-28000: the account is locked



      This gets a little tricky - the error is from my LOCAL Oracle XE, where indeed, APEX_PUBLIC_USER is locked. To check, I have logged into the remote database and verified that APEX_PUBLIC_USER is not locked, and the credentials match what I have supplied to SQL Developer.


      The Test button is validating "localhost" as my PC, rather than using the database connection information that I provided to connect to the remote server. In other words, "Test" is checking whether or not the connection information is valid LOCALLY rather than on the server specified during "Connect".


      Is this as-intended and do I need to specify the external hostname of the server in the database connection parameters, or is this a bug in the "Test" routine?



      APEX Listener:

      Database: 11g XE

      App server: Glassfish 3.1.2

      SQL Developer: