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    Change Password Dialog?


      I'm using Forms 11gR2 and would like to provide my users with a button that will pop-up a dialog to change their database password similar to the dialog that is built in when the user's password has expired. Is there a way to use the expired password dialog when you just want to change the database password? If not has anyone created a dialog that allows the user to change their database password and could give me an example?

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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle

          Your options are somewhat limited. 


          Option 1:  Create your own custom dialog.


          Option 2:  Programatically expire the password then log the user out and back in.  Keep in mind that doing this will cause any posted, but uncommited changes to be lost.  Here is some example code:


           un varchar2(25);
           pw varchar2(25);
           cn varchar2(25);
           un := get_application_property(username);
           pw := get_application_property(password);
           cn := get_application_property(connect_string);
           FORMS_DDL('alter user ' || un ||' password expire');