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    Oracle SSO error while trying to access a report


      Hi All,


      I am using Oracle 11g reports and forms.My adf application(using JDeveloper will use oracle reports through url.


      From adf application we form a url for the reports like https://<server>:<port>/reports/rwservlet?server=devstage11g&destype=cache&desformat=pdf&report=spore001…


      we send the userid parameter as a hidden parameter in the request as we do not want the userid information to be visible in the URL. It works fine in one environment. But in another environment when we hit the url it always give a page with a single line saying  "Oracle SSO". When we hit the same url with userid parameter appended to it directly, it works fine.


      Checked the configuration difference, but not able to find any difference in the configuration. Please help me to find why it always gives "Oracle SSO" error.