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    Oracle API Gateway - Cannot forward traffic through proxy server




      I try to invoke a web service through our company's http proxy.

      To do so I have configured the proxy's host and port (username/pass not required) in the external connections->proxy servers.

      I use the WebService Connection filter and check the Send Via Proxy checkbox and select the configured proxy server.

      The URL I invoke is not in my etc/hosts file and I do not know the IP address of the host.

      When I invoke the service wsdl through a browser (using the proxy) I get back the wsdl with no problem. When I invoke the same URL through SoapUI project I get a response just fine.

      When I invoke the service through OAG deployed policy I get the following exception:

      ERROR 30/9/13 14:21:59.500 transient failure connecting to remote: : beta.gocloud360.net:80: connection failed. no usable address for service 80

      ERROR 30/9/13 14:21:59.545 The message [Id-6674003852495ed701400000] logged Failure at 09.30.2013 14:21:59,536 with log description: Web service filter failed

      ERROR 30/9/13 14:21:59.545 Filter that caused failure: Integrated Connection Filter


      The URL used is the same.


      Can anyone help with this?