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    Detecting critical path


      Hello guys

      I am currently working on a 3700 activity project which includes civil and MEP works.

      The problem here is that everytime i use the critical path filter (view>filter>critical path) it shows 0 critical activities. even the schedule log says there are no critical activities.

      Although practically it is not possible for a 3700 activity project to have no critical path.

      I need to get to the core of this problem and find the critical activities.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Is your critical path defined as a number other than zero?  If defined as a negative number there may well be no critical path (according to that definition).

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            Try the following:


            1. Ensure you have enabled float path calculation [Tools>Schedule>Options>Advanced tab>check option to "Calculate multiple float paths"]

            2. Group the project schedule by Float Paths and Sort by Remaining Early Start

            3. Look for the float path with the least amount of float that also has a "meaningful" chain of activities that extend from the data date to project completion. In other words, ignore (or rectify as needed) float paths that are too short and have just a handful of activities. This meaningful path with the least amount of float should be your most critical path.


            Hope this helps!