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    Downloading Coherence 3.7


      I want to download and start using latest Coherence jar. I tried it in below link. but, i am unable to download. when i click on "Accept License Agreement" it's not recognizing. Can someone pls help ?


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          Ricardo Ferreira-Oracle

          Maybe the final link could be broken due some website restrictions. Access support.oracle.com and download the specific version you want of Coherence.




          Ricardo Ferreira

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            Thanks for the reply.


            But i dont see a way there to download. anyways, i got the jar. thanks again.


            We were running our Coherence grid using 3.6. it was working fine. We just updated the server to use 3.7.1 and our server is not starting with below error. Any suggestions ?



            2013-10-03 07:39:38,460 [Logger@1247017815] INFO  Coherence  - 2013-10-03 07:39:38.459/0.734 Oracle Coherence GE <Info> (thread=main, member=n/a): Loaded cache configuration from "file:/test/stand/coherence/target/classes/test/coherence/grid/config/coherence-server-one.xml"; this document does not refer to any schema definition and has not been validated.

            2013-10-03 07:39:38,619 [Logger@1247017815] INFO  Coherence  - 2013-10-03 07:39:38.618/0.893 Oracle Coherence GE <Info> (thread=main, member=n/a): Loaded cache configuration from "jar:file:/test/stand/coherence/lib/coherence.jar!/coherence-cache-config.xml"

            2013-10-03 07:39:38,664 [Logger@1247017815] INFO  Coherence  - 2013-10-03 07:39:38.664/0.939 Oracle Coherence GE <Info> (thread=main, member=n/a): WARNING: Failed to load Coherence cache-config.dtd. Provided configuration XML element names will not be validated. Class:com.oracle.coherence.environment.extensible.namespaces.CoherenceNamespaceContentHandler

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              I'm not sure that the message you have posted is the cause of your cluster failing to start. All the message says it that the XML configuration will not be validated against a schema or DTD. I would expect there are more error messages or stack traces in your logs.


              I see that you are using the Coherence Incubator too - have you made sure that the version of the Incubator you are using is compatible with 3.7.1



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                Hi ,


                The best place to download Oracle software is "Oracle edelivery"


                1 edelivery.oracle.com/

                2 log with oracle account

                3 choose Select a Product Pack: Oracle Fussion Middleware , click GO

                4 choose Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Media Pack

                5 choose "Oracle Coherence Version 3.7.1"

                6 click "download" button



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                  Thanks for the reply