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    ORACLE_BASE for grid ; Scared of root.sh changing ownership to root


      Grid Infrastructure version:

      Platform : OEL 6.3


      We are going to install Grid Infrasture and then install RDBMS Software.


      For role separation , we are creating grid user and oracle user.


      Following will be the ORACLE_BASE and ORACLE_HOME for Grid Infrastructure:






      Following will be the ORACLE_BASE and ORACLE_HOME for RDBMS Home





      I have two questions



      Question1. Will I get the below error during GI installation with the above setting ?


      [NS-32026] The Software Location specified should not be under Oracle base location.

      CAUSE: Grid Infrastructure for a Cluster installation will assign root ownership to all parent directories of clusterware software location. As a result, all named directories in the software location path will acquire root ownership. This may create problems for subsequent installations into the same Oracle base



      If I understand correctly, Once the Grid is installed successfully,  the whole filesystem under the mount point /u01 will be owned by root.

      If this is the case , when I have to install RDBMS Software later, I need to manually change the permission of /u01/app/oracle and all child directories inside it to oracle:oinstall. Right ?




      Similair ORACLE_BASE, ORACLE_HOME settings for grid seems to work for this guy.