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    Primavera SQL 2005 Database


      Hi All.

      We are using SQL 2005 database for our P6 8.1 application.

      Our database size is growing very fast ie about 2-3 GB per week, where as from application side we are sure not much data is get added.

      Our total database size is about 615GB.

      Initially Data monitor service was not enabled and i enabled it now.

      About 560GB space is consumbed only by two tables USESSAUD and REFRDEL which is basically audit log.

      We want to clear all this logs?

      Please let me know..best way to clear all log and bring database to up to date?

      We tried to clear data by  - use <database> PMDB exec data_monitor

      But it taking about 15 minutes for single run and clears data of only one day.

      Iwanted to run below two script in SQl 2005. Can you tell me how to run it? i don't know more about SQL database.

      I wanted to give keepinterval of 90days


      1.       CLEANUP_USESSAUD

      2.      REFRDEL_CLEANUP


      Thanks in advance.