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    OATS  -  ADF functional testing




      While recording adf application with OATS ( with adf functional accelator module )  some of the actions are not recording like search icon , the actions which are recorded in the opened search popup and also calendar actions.

      Is there any solution to fix this issue in OATS.

      I am using OATS

      Browser: IE 7

      Operation System: windows 7





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          Hi This is Atish


          Yaa even I have found the same problem when I started recording the ADF functional Testing.

          Solution for this is you can add up the following line, at the correct line

          clickButton ADFCommandToolbarButton("@text='Search'")

          Java Code for the same would be:










          "/web:window[@index='0' or @title='Business Process Workspace']/web:document[@index='0' or @name='nviwaj5w3_11']/web:ADFCommandToolbarButton[@text='Search' and @absoluteLocator='wlctdc:j_id__ctru12:r1:tldc:searchButton']")



          this will click the button, provided you should put the absolute location of the button, which you could get it using the "viewsource" of the html page

          Yes even its not recording the input text fields , so i had to enter the field ID fo that field in the line inorder to help the oats to play it back.




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            Hi Mohan / Atish,


            I agree that there is some challenge when working with calendar component in ADF, but should not have problems with any other ADF components such as ADFinputtext etc.


            Before we go in depth can I ask whether the ADF server that you are currently working on is configured with uncompressed classes?




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              Thanks Sri,


              I have checked that configuration and added the configuration in WEB-INF/web.xml and  trinidad-config.xml



















              Eventhough i kept the above configuration and deployed a AdFsample App with

              InputlistofValues, inputDate , inputtext, inputSpinner only input text and input spinner got recorded and rest date and lov are not getting recorded.

              Even we noticed that and search in the querypanel of adf search is not getting recorded the inputtextbox ,date .