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    R12.1.3 Implementing HTML Project Manager responsibility




      We currently use standard (core apps) based Projects Billing / Project Costing modules, but I am researching the HTML Project Manager responsiblity in R12.1.3.


      I can see by drilling down to the oracle seeded "Project Manager Responsibility Main Menu" menu via this SQL:


                 SELECT fmev.entry_sequence seq
                      , LEVEL
                      , LPAD (' ', (LEVEL - 1) * 3, ' ') || fmv.user_menu_name menu
                      , LPAD (' ', (LEVEL - 1) * 3, ' ') || fmev.prompt prompt
                      , fmv.menu_name
                      , fmv.user_menu_name
                      , CASE
                           WHEN fmev.function_id IS NOT NULL
                              (SELECT user_function_name
                                 FROM apps.fnd_form_functions_vl
                                WHERE function_id = fmev.function_id)
                      , CASE
                           WHEN fmev.function_id IS NOT NULL
                              (SELECT function_name
                                 FROM apps.fnd_form_functions_vl
                                WHERE function_id = fmev.function_id)
                      , CASE
                           WHEN fmev.function_id IS NOT NULL
                              (SELECT vvv.description
                                 FROM apps.fnd_form_functions_vl vvv
                                WHERE function_id = fmev.function_id)
                      , fmev.description entry_description
                   FROM apps.fnd_menus_vl fmv
                      , apps.fnd_menu_entries_vl fmev
                  WHERE fmev.menu_id = fmv.menu_id
      --              AND fmev.prompt IS NOT NULL
             CONNECT BY fmev.menu_id = PRIOR fmev.sub_menu_id
             START WITH fmv.user_menu_name = 'Project Manager Responsibility Main Menu'
      ORDER SIBLINGS BY fmev.entry_sequence;


      That it contains many menu options, such as one I'm interested in, which is "Budgets and Forecasts".


      However, when I have given myself access to the "Project Manager" responsibility, which is attached to that menu, I only see a small number of menu options.


      There are no menu exclusions against the responsibility.


      All I see is:


      ....Resource Search

      ....Team Role Details Workbook

      ....Projects: Delivery

      ........Team Member Home

      ........Project List

      ........Create Project

      ........Search Projects

      ........Project Sets





      ........Change Documents

      ....Workflow Notifications

      ........Workflow Notifications




      I wondered if anyone knows how the setup works, to enable the rest of the menu, or if anyone knows what the relevant setup doc is please on oracle docs?


      Is it to do with Role Based Access Control?


      I've looked at the R12 Projects Implementation Guide, Review "Role-Based Security" heading, page 126


      I can create a new Role in Projects, e.g. called "My Test".


      Click "Enforce role-based security" and assign a menu to the Role, e.g. "Project Manager Responsibility Main Menu"


      Should then be able to assign myself as Project Manager on a Project, and go to Project Manager responsibility, and see extra content against it...


      Does that sound about right to other people? Unfortunately I can't test it because I get an OAF error, which I think is related to this:


      Cannot Open Newly Created Projects After Applying Patch:14162290 (Doc ID 1484667.1)


      Any advice much appreciated.