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    WebLogic 10.3.6 logging health messages to stdout




      I have a 10.3.6 instance running with JRE 1.7.0_25-b15.

      The server is sending health related info messages to stdout.

      "com.bea.logging.BaseLogger log Info: XX% of the total memory in the server is free"

      2 messages are logged at a time, but not on a consistent interval.


      We send the stdout and stderr to a log file via the -Dweblogic.Stdout and -Dweblogic.Stderr properties.  These messages are adding to the

      log file size and frankly are an annoyance.  Is there any additional settings/properties/filters needed to eliminate these messages?

      These are the instance's settings with regard to logging:

      - Minimum severity to log: Warning

      - Log File Severity level: Warning

      - Standard Out Severity level: Off

      - Memory Buffer Severity level: Warning

      - Redirect Stdout Logging:  disabled

      - Redirect Stderr Logging:  disabled

      - Logging implementation:  JDK


      Thanks in advance.