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    Enterprise Manager / Cloud Control 12c pages not working



      First, a word of warning.  I am not an Oracle DBA, I'm filling in for our DBA who is out.  I am a MS-SQL DBA, so there's that.

      We recently set about installing OEM / Cloud Control 12c to manage our two Oracle RAC installations (10g and 11gR2 on each, only a couple databases on each) as well as our more numerous MS SQL installs.  For the most part I handled the install of Cloud Control (the actual Oracle DBAs access to the network is tied up in LOTS of red tape,) and it seemed to go well.  It was working for a time, I added one of our QA MS SQL servers, and it was good.

      Since then, I wanted to begin to add the QA Oracle RAC to the OEM.  The problem is, now the pages in OEM aren't loading properly.  I can generally log into OEM, and the first page seems to come up OK (a summary page)  When I go to *ANY* other page in the OEM, for example the "Add Targets Manually" page, none of the links / buttons / options work.  This includes Logout and all options at the top of the screen (I can still close my web browser.)

      The text at the top of the page (again, using the "Add Targets" page as an example) "overlaps."  For example, the title "Add Targets Manually" is overlaid with the "Instructions" text and click box.  You can still see the text under "Instructions."  Clicking any of the options on the page, nothing happens.


      I am unable to try some of the basic things to see if it's a browser issue (IE9) such as clearing the cache, as these settings are locked down by our domain policy.


      The environment we're installed in:


      OS:  Windows Server 2008R2 SP1

      CPU: Xeon e5450

      RAM: 6GB

      Oracle databases are installed on similar hardware.


      As this is a "clean" install, if it is deemed the easiest / best solution, I can remove OEM and start fresh.

      Any assistance in resolving this would be appreciated.

      Thank you,

      Jason A