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    OEDQ - External Task Example

    Bala Govi

      Team, can you someone help me on External Task.


      I see Command, Working Directory and Arguments on External Task.


      Header 1Header 2
      Commandjava -jar jmxtools.jar runjob -job TestProject -project ABC -u dnadmin localhost:8090
      Working Directory\opt\local\software\edq\tools



      I am getting error "....... is not located in one of the designated command areas.


      I tried even specified like below still no luck, someone please help me  with this.. Thanks in advance!!!


      Header 1Header 2
      Commandjava -jar jmxtools.jar runjob
      Working Directory\opt\local\software\edq\tools
      Arguments-job TestProject -project ABC -u dnadmin localhost:8090


      Thanks in advance!

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          Nick Gorman-Oracle



          See the online help section on external tasks - particularly the section regarding security considerations.


          I suggest you put your "java -jar jmxtools.jar ........." command in a batch/file and drop this in the config/commandarea folder. Use the name of the batch file/script as the 'command' parameter of the executable external task.




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            "C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\java" -jar jmxtools.jar runjob from your local machine first

            Make sure you execute this command in a directory where jmxtools.jar is located,also password for dnadmin is missing in the command