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    DFF Attribute Value - Browser Cache issue


      Hey Gurus,

        I am having the following issue in my OAF page.


        After defaulting the DFF attribute value (based on LOV selected), if the user prefers to change the value and save it it works fine.  But if he changes the values, and opens any one of the LOV, the value in the DFF field gets replaced with old default values. I have condition on the lov to make sure the defaulting is called only once when they change Asset LOV field, but somehow the values are cached and getting replaced from browser or something.  Just wondering how to resolve this issue ?


      //in PFR

      String lovInputSourceId = paramOAPageContext.getLovInputSourceId();


      if (paramOAPageContext.isLovEvent())
                if ("AssetNumber".equals(lovInputSourceId))

                    -- Set the default value here

                     localAttr14.setText (cstmt.getString(2));