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    Best practise on WebSphere MQ and AQ


      Is there a guide for best practise on implementing IBM WebSphere and AQ.


      For example some questions like should I create an AQ table exclusively to interface with WebSphere MQ and any other pitfalls and catch, yeah basically best practise in the industry.


      Thank you.

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          so far there is no guide for "best practices" concerning AQ and IBM Websphere MQ available, unfortunately.


          This is "learning by doing" and there are indeed some "pitfalls". The official Oracle documentation about the Message Gateway


          describes only the basic aspects. If you have special questions there is a good chance to get here in this forum some tips and tricks.


          Recently there was a discussion concerning AQ setup for Message Gateway ( see e.g. https://forums.oracle.com/thread/2592667 ).



          Kind regards,