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    PRC: Revenue Accounting Events


      Hi All,


      when i run the prc:revenue accounting program so i get a rejection reason in the report showing that '' the auto accounting cannot create a flexfield''.

      let assume if the auto accounting setup was not correct so the same thing also happen with the prc:generate cost accounting event but there it work properly.whats the reason for ?????



      A Bunch of thanx in advance




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          Raghavan G-Oracle

          Hi Umais,


          PRC: Generate Cost Accounting events and PRC: Generate Revenue Accounting Events program are used to generate the accounting events in XLA for Costs and Revenue respectively. Costs and revenue have separate and distinct Auto accounting setup functions.As it seems, your cost related auto accounting functions were fine which was why the

          PRC: Generate Cost Accounting events completed without error. Whereas PRC: Generate Revenue Accounting Events program showing the auto accounting rejection reason indicates an issue in you revenue related auto accounting functions.


          Please refer to the Oracle Projects Implementation User Guide for more information on Auto accounting.



          Raghavan Gopalakrishnan