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    Item Relationship for Obsolete Items


      This is a question for EBS R12.1.3 - OM/Inventory setups


      We have a process where once an item is determined to be phased-out, we set up an  item relationship for an active item that will be replacing the product we no longer want to produce.  My issue is that once we consume all of the phased-out product, we uncheck the "Customer Orders Enable" flag on the item master so that it can no longer be ordered.  The problem is that if the item isn't orderable, we can't pull the item up on the OE form to see it's replacement.  This leaves our customer service blind to the product they should be selling.


      Does anyone have a recommendation for OM or Inventory setups that would allow us to see the Item Relationship on the OE Form, but not allow orders to be placed for the obsolete item?  Not sure if it matters, but we do use the OM materialized views with Item Orderablility feature.