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    Invoice Interface - Not Eligible


      Hi Everyone,

      I am hoping someone can kindly help me on this issue.

      I have 2 Internal Orders that has completed in OM. I checked the line items, all showing as closed etc. However when you go to the AR side and run the Auto Invoice, I cannot find the invoice for these 2 Orders.


      I checked the Workflow and i found under "Invoice Interface - Line" and "Invoice Interface" Activity Column there is a "Not Eligible" flag on the Activity Result column.


      I did a little research and found an article stating this normally happens if the item attributes meet the below criteria.


      1. Item Invoiceable attribute has been set to no

      2. Item Enabled Invoicing attribute has been set to no

      3. Item inactivated


      I checked the Master Items and none of these are true for the items used in the order. And i do not know where to go from here.


      Appreciate any input on this.


      Thank you in advance