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    xml matrix report not expending horizontally


      hi guys m trying to develop xml matrix report but m totally stuck.value are not expanding vertically.

      RTF tags are here.Plz tell me how can i attach rtf and xml file with this post so you people can help me in better way.

      plz help me its very urgent







      Organization : <?horizontal-break-table:1?>

      <?for-each-group@cell: G_ITEM_CATEGORY; ORGANIZATION_CODE?>

      <?end for-each-group?>

      <?for-each-group: G_ITEM_CATEGORY;ITEM_CODE?> <?ITEM_CODE?>

      <?for-each-group@cell:current-group();ORGANIZATION_CODE ?>
      <?current-group()// AMOUNT?>
      <?end for-each-group?>
      <?end for-each-group?>









      <?end for-each-group?>