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    commandLink, outputText shortDesc font styles

    Kala Patti

      JDev version

      Would like to apply font-styles to shortDesc of commandLinks.Tried with AFNoteWindowShortDesc, but it didn't help.



        font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;




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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle



          I am not surprised this doesn't work because the Alias is for note windows. Unfortunately I could not spot another selector for this. You can however set the default font


          .AFDefaultFont:aliasSpecifies the default font for the skin. This style defines both the default font family (as specified by the AFDefaultFontFamily named style), the default font size, and default font weight.
          .AFDefaultFontFamily:aliasSpecifies the default font family list ("font-family" property) for the skin.


          Note that setting the tooltip font to 20px does not enlarge the tooltip box and you probably end up with copped fonts. One option for you is to read up on skin debugging and to use Firebug in Firefox to identify a selector used with tooltips. For this, disable CSS compression in web.xml using the parameter explained here


          ADF Faces Configuration - 11g Release 1 (



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            Kala Patti

            Thanks Frank for your reply.


            Tried defult font, it didn't work. Debugged using Firebug, not seen any selectors used for tooltips. From html, can see <SPAN title="" .../>.

            After some research came to know that we can use JQuery tooltip plugin.



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