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    No package elfutils-libelf-devel-0.97 available.




      I installed Oracle Enterprise linux 6.4 on Oracle Virtual box Manager(4.1.12).


      And when i am trying to install Oracle 11gR2 clusterware software.


      The below listed packages are missing in the prerequisite check.







      When i try to do a yum install of any the above 4 packages the output looks like below


      [root@rac1 ~]# yum install elfutils-libelf-devel-0.97

      Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit, security

      Setting up Install Process

      No package elfutils-libelf-devel-0.97 available.

      Error: Nothing to do

      I even tried installing the yum install oracle-validated and the output for that looks like the below one.

      [root@rac1 ~]# yum install oracle-validated

      Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit, security

      ol6_UEK_latest                                           | 1.2 kB     00:00    

      ol6_UEK_latest/primary                                   |  11 MB     00:04    

      ol6_UEK_latest                                                          239/239

      ol6_latest                                               | 1.4 kB     00:00    

      ol6_latest/primary                                       |  29 MB     00:11    

      ol6_latest                                                          18000/18000

      Setting up Install Process

      No package oracle-validated available.

      Error: Nothing to do


      Please let me know how to overcome this error or get the above listed packages installed on my OEL 6.4 ( 32 bit version)