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    Extract process abending with OGG-00446


      Hi all,


         SO: CentOS 6.4 (64 bits)

         DB: (64 bits)

         GG: 11.2


         I have 2 servers, both running CentOS and Clusterware I am trying to create a replication method using Goldengate from SERVER1 to SERVER2, but i'm facing the "OGG-00446 Could not find archived log for sequence" error. Doing some research, i read somewhere that because my redo logs and archives are in ASM, i need to use some parameters to make the extract to work properly. Is this correct? Is there any differences in using ASM in the perspective of Goldengate?


         I already executed the command "alter extract ext_name begin now" without success.


         Any helps/suggestions will be extremely appreciated.


         Thanks for the pacience and attention.

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          Lookup the requirements for TRANLOGOPTIONS DBLOGREADER.  I think that's what you might need.

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               Thanks for your attention.


               Here is my EXTRACT, with the TRANLOGOPTIONS DBLOGREADER, as you suggested:


            {code}extract ext1

            setenv (ORACLE_HOME = "/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db_2")

            setenv (ORCLE_SID = "prod1")

            userid usr_gg, password passwd1


            rmthost vm-server1, mgrport 7809

            exttrail /u01/goldengate/trailfiles/local_trail/lt

            rmttrail /u01/goldengate/trailfiles/remote_trail/lt

            ddl include mapped objname usr_testes.*

            table usr_testes.*;{code}


            But now i am getting the following error message:


            2013-10-26 09:29:50  ERROR   OGG-00446  Opening ASM file +DG_FRA/prod1/archivelog/2013_10_23/thread_1_seq_27.390.829580407 in DBLOGREADER mode: (26947) ORA-26947: Oracle GoldenGate replication is not enabled.

            Not able to establish initial position for begin time 2013-10-22 22:50:00.




            2013-10-26 09:29:50  ERROR   OGG-01668  PROCESS ABENDING.


            I did some research regarding this error, but i found anything but useless info.


            Thanks again

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              Wellington Prado



              Probably you are playing with Oracle database version or later.

              In this case you need set a new param in the database:


              So, in order to use OGG, on Oracle, or Oracle, you will need to issue the following command through SQL*Plus.