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    crash aroused by mdb+libumem


      Hi, all

      I'm new to use mdb+libumem to debug the memory leak issue in solaris 10. I found that I can run findleaks against some simple of my C++ applications, however the findleaks will result in a process crash sometimes against some specified C++ applications. Then I tried the alternatives like, use gcore to dump the core and then use mdb+libumem to do the memory leak analysis.


      Now, a new problem comes up. I found recently, some actions of my C++ application would result in the process crashed as well after I launched the application with env parameters like "UMEM_DEBUG=default UMEM_LOGGING=transaction LD_PRELOAD=libumem.so".


      I'm confused and frustrated right now...would anyone please shed any lights on

      1. why findleaks will result in process crash?

      2. why libumem will result in my process crash?


      Thanks in advanced.