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    Error in Creating schema





      I'm trying to install Oracle webcenter poratl by following the below linked mentioned


      As per the guide am trying to create schema,, am getting the error mentioned below


      Error: Oracle Initialization Parameter 'PROCESSES' is too low.

      Cause: The Oracle Initialization Parameter 'PROCESSES' must be at least 200.

      Action: Change the Database Initialization Parameter 'PROCESSES' to 200 or more, then rerun RCU.


      I changed the processes=200 in init.ora file & restarted the DB 11g..

      Still facing the same error while creating schema.



      Any one familiar with this kinda issue.





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          Hi ,

          Please check the output of the following sql command :->
          SQL>show parameter process;


          Check if Value for processes is more than desired value.


          If using spfile , you can change it as :->
          SQL>ALTER SYSTEM SET processes=300 SCOPE=SPFILE;