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    Team Foundation Server Issues in Oracle Database Project (ODT)


      Dear all,


      as a Dotnet and Oracle developer I happily stumbled across the ODT.
      Unfortunately I have some problems in combination with the Team Foundation Server which hopefully someone of the experts here may solve.



      So this is the environment...

      Windows 7 Enterprise
      Visual Studio 2010 prof.
      ODT with ODAC


      Team foundation Server 2012
      Oracle Database 11g Release - 64bit


      Problem description:

      Well, nearly everything seems to work.
      I can connect to my Database Schema in the Server explorer, modify and save back views, functions, packages,... and save them back to the server.
      I can create a new 'Oracle Database Project' in Visual Studio.
      Now I right click and select 'Generate Create Script to Project'. This also works fine. The views or whatever I clicked are added to the Oracle Database Project.
      Finally I select 'Add to Source Control' and the whole solution and all added scripts are checked in as desired.
      I can now modify them, the're checked out automatically as used in th IDE of VS.
      Works perfectly so far...


      But now I have problems to add new scripts. This is turning me nuts.
      I right click again on a new view, etc. and select 'Generate Create Script to Project'. The script is added to the Oracle Database Project like before.
      The Project file also will be checked out as it now has a new file added. BUT the script file itselve won't be added to the source control.
      And worse, I'm not easily able to add the file manually as in the context menu the command 'add to source control' or something similar is missing.
      The only way is to open the windows explorer, move to the previously added script file and add it to the source control using the shell extensions of the power tools.
      I cannot imagine that this is the designed way to add additional scripts to an ODP.


      So is there anybody around who may tell me how to fix this ?


      Best regards,