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    Issue with SmartList




      I am applying smart list on 3 Accounts in EPMA. I have created three separate Smart-list Dimensions there and associated with the 3 different account members. But getting below error after using those member on the Web Forms. It is working fine for One Form but not for rest 2 Web Forms. Am I missing something here?


      I am trying to open a Form which have Smartlist enabled Account member.


      "Communication error with server. Callback failed for data entry page. [object error]"


      Please help!!!

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            What is the error in the Essbase Application and Planning Error Logs?

            What is the Aggregation property of the Smart List member?

            What is the difference of Layout between two forms, where its working and where isn't?



            Rahul S.

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              I understand what the issue is.


              When you use Smart List and member with DataType Text, you will have the ID in essbase and the text in Planning Schema


              This error would come if the smart list / text field doesn't refer to any text / smartlist value but there is an entry in essbase.


              search in oracle support with the same description and you will find a specific doc to handle this issue


              Note: We had a similar issue where we enabled the text data type for a member so that the user can enter comments. We ahve around 100+ entities where the users from different regions will enter comments against the data that they have inputted. We forgot to make that member as "never consolidate" due to which the values in essbase got aggregated and when the form is opened at "Total Entity" level, it has thrown this error as there is no specific text information associated for that ID (value stored in essbase at top level). We cleared the aggregated values and we are back to normal




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                I resolved it. But now I am facing another issue. we deleted the whole members of Entities and deployed and again populated the dimension with more UDAs. When I select the Account where I have associated the Smartlist is not appearing as Smartlist in the Form. Even I deleted the Account Member. then Added and changed Data type as Smartlist and choose the smartist also. But when I open Form it is not showing the Smartlist.


                Any Clue?

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                  Celvin Kattookaran

                  Did you set the evaluation order?





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                    As Celvin Kattookaran said, you have to set the evaluation order (Administration > Manage > Dimensions) you will see a tab "evaluation order" and you have to move accounts (if you have smartlist on account) to the right




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