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    Does Siebel license limits the Max task of Object Manager?


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      We installed a Siebel environment on a Linux VM (Linux version el6.x86_64, Read Hat 4.4.6-4, the VM has 64g ram). The database (Oracle and Oracle Http Server (ofm_webtier_linux_11. were also installed in the same VM. We used HP loadrunner  to do a performance testing, finding out the maximum concurrent user of Siebel Marketing OM. We've set the MT Server=1 and MaxTask=500. Every time the task of Marketing OM reaches 43, the OM just went "offline". No more task will be created. We check SWSE log, there were errors like "SBL-SMI-00216: Internal: Not an error, all the threads are busy". We don't know what was wrong with this. Does Siebel license limits the Max task of OM ? We used temporary Siebel license because the test was for a trial customer.


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