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    Not able to load Page Asset


      Hi All,


      I've created a few basic page attributes and added them to a page definition.


      1) pageAttribute1(String)



      I'm trying to retrieve the data of these page attributes on my page.


      Since Page is of Basic Asset type, I used <asset:load> tag


      <asset:load name="mypage" type='<%=ics.GetVar("c")%>' objectid='<%=ics.GetVar("cid")%>' />

      <asset:scatter name="mypage" prefix="pageAsset" />

      <ics:getvar name="pageAsset:pageAttribute1" encoding="default" output="pageAttribute1"/>

      <render:stream variable="pageAttribute1"/>


      I've used the above code given the documentation for loading Basic Asset it din't work


      I even tried using <assetset:setasset> tag


      <assetset:setasset name="page" type='<%= ics.GetVar("c")%>' id='<%= ics.GetVar("cid")%>'/>

      <assetset:getmultiplevalues name="page" prefix="page" immediateonly="true">

        <assetset:sortlistentry attributetypename="Page" attributename="pageAttribute1"/>

        <assetset:sortlistentry attributetypename="Page" attributename="pageAttribute2"/>



      <ics:listget listname="page:pageAttribute1" fieldname="value" />


      This approach din't work either.


      Could you pls guide me with the correct approach. Or in case if one of my approach is correct then could pls rectify the errors in my code.