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    Need help with AdfPage.PAGE.ClearAllMessages




      I am using JDeveloper for my Fusion web application.

      I am facing an issue with validation error messages when navigating back to a page.


      here is the scenario:

      On entering incorrect data in and input text box in Page1, validator error messages are shown. After correcting the input data the error messages vanish and am able to click submit. In the next page I click on return button and come back to Page1 but the validation error messages are still show up though the data in the input Text is correct. I would like to clear these validation error messages after the user has entered valid data. I found that AdfPage.PAGE.ClearAllMessages  will help me do that. But in my Jdeveloper I am getting the error protected methods should not be accessed outside the class for that line of code. Has anyone faced this issue before and is there any solution found for this issue ? If yes please help me.


      Thanks in advance,