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    Missing folder: jre 1.7.0_17c.msi in Java 7 u 25 and 7 u 40


      OK, when version 40 came out I went to update my java install. I started getting the popup that a file was not there where it said it needed to be. I went and looked and there was a folder jre 1.7.0_17 in the p[lace it said it was not. So I uninstalled the earlier versions, cleaned the computer and registry like you would for a clean install, tried to install version 40 and got the popup again. Tried it with version 25 and the same thing again. What is going on here? I am running Windows Vista, everything else is current except my browser which is the last browser with the GUI I like and need. Where can I get this file or do I have to live without JAVA?