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    What is the proper way to filter classic report using just an LOV select field with dynamic action?


      APEX  4.2.1

      DB 11G


      I have a page with a few reports on it.  The top report is an interactive report followed by 4 classic report regions.  The users are happy with the page within the application, except for the 3rd classic report down.  They would like to be able to use a select list to select a PO line number and have the report show only those PO lines without refreshing the whole page.


      I made sure my report region setting allowed partial refreshes.  I then created a select list and then a dynamic action for it to first set the value (seq 10) and then refresh the report region (seq 20).  The select list value was not getting saved to the session state, so the refresh was not working.  After changing various settings within the SET VALUE step in the dynamic action, I finally got it working, but I am afraid that it is taking advantage of an APEX bug or just dumb luck on my part.


      To get Set Value to work, I had to select Set Type = PL/SQL and for the PL/SQL Expression = a dummy value :P2_FIELD_DOES_NOT_EXIST and for Affected Items = P2_FIELD_DOES_NOT_EXIST.  I am sure Oracle did not intend for this to work, so can someone please tell me the correct way to do this.


      I replicated the issue with the following application with just 1 report region.


      workspace = occam

      user = test

      password = apex1