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    Unable to load the data into HFM




      We created new HFM app configured that with FDM, generated output file through FDM and loaded that file through HFM directly 5-6 times, there was no issue till here.


      Then I loaded the file through FDM 4 times successfully, even for different months. But, after 4 loads I start getting Error. Attached is the error log .

      Please help us earliest..



      ** Begin fdmFM11XG6A Runtime Error Log Entry [2013-10-30-13:44:26] **




      Description.....System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80040E2F): Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040E2F

         at HSVCDATALOADLib.HsvcDataLoadClass.Load(String bstrClientFilename, String bstrClientLogFileName)

         at fdmFM11XG6A.clsFMAdapter.fDBLoad(String strLoadFile, String strErrFile, String& strDelimiter, Int16& intMethod, Boolean& blnAccumFile, Boolean& blnHasShare, Int16& intMode)








      Computer Name...EMSHALGADHYFD02




      App Name........

      Cluster Name....


      Connect Status.... Connection Open





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          Thanos A.

          Hi Raam,


          I can see in the log file that application name and cluster are missing.

          FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Connection:

          App Name........XXXX

          Cluster Name....XXXX


          Connect Status.... Connection Open


          Have you intentionally deleted these from the log or you have not configured the FDM app?





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            This might help you :



            The adapter has not been registered. The "AdapterComponents" folder included with the FM11xG5C.zip file needs to be placed in the Hyperion\products\financialdataquality\sharedcomponents folder and the adapter then needs to be registered from this location using File > Register Adapter in the workbench. Browse to the adapter components folder > FM11xG5C > upsFM11xG5c.dll and choose "open".


            For the Enterprise Adapter the upsHE6xG4E.exe file needs to be placed in the shared components folder and registered as well.


            All of the steps necessary are listed in the corresponding adapter readme files available on the Oracle Technology Network under Documentation.

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              Thanks for your inputs.



              But we were using a different version of HFM adapter (FM11xG6A) which was configured as per the oracle guide.

              We don’t have any issue with the adapter that was configured because the FDM was able to connect to the target HFM application.



              assumes it to be an issue form the DB side as we were getting ORA errors while trying to load data to HFM.Below is the latest update suggestion given by Oracle,



              We need to start eliminating configuration components. Changing your HFM configuration to point to a single Oracle instance would be the next logical step. This is not a software or data problem since I am unable to reproduce in my test environment. This looks to be a configuration problem.



              any helpful inputs are apprecited

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                Thanos A.

                Hi there,


                Since you mention that you have not changed anything in FDM and you have also checked that the configuration of the FDM application is as expected and has not changed in the meantime, can you tell us if you changed anything in HFM?





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                  We are working with the DB team but they have confirmed that they is no issue with the TB, the process we have followed

                  As a standard process – while loading the data from FDM or manually to HFM – we don’t write any SQL query. Using the web interface – data would be loaded to HFM application. This data can we viewed by different reporting tools (smart view(excel)/HFR Report/etc.)


                  There is no any official documents on oracle website which talk about Insert SQL query which is used to insert data to HFM tables. Even, Hyperion does not provide much details on its internal tables used. Hyperion does not provide much insight on internal structure of HFM system.


                  As per Hyperion blogs/forums on internet –HFM stores the base level data in so called DCE tables (for example EMHFMFinal _DCE_1_2013 where EMHFMFinal  is application name, 1 identifies the Scenario and 2013 the Year).  Each row in the DCE table contains data for all periods of a given combination of dimensions (also called an intersection).


                  We are trying to load same data file with a replace option( it should delete the existing data before loading the data file).