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    How can a classic report be filtered using one select item and dynamic action?


      APEX 4.2.1

      DB 11g

      I have a page with 4 reports on it.  The top report is an interactive report and the following 3 are classic reports.  The users would like to be able to use a select list to filter the 3rd report by PO line number without refreshing the entire page.


      After verifying that the report is set to allow partial refreshes, I took the following steps

      1. Created a PO Line select item (p_po_line_select) in the same report region
      2. Added p_po_line_select to the report query\
      3. Created a dynamic action on p_po_line_select with 2 true actions
        1. Set value (p_po_line_select)
        2. Refresh report region.

      The Set Value dynamic step was not working; I would get an out of memory error at line 2, memory stack error, or the value did not get saved to session state depending on the settings I selected.  I was able to get it working with the following set:

      1. Action = Set Value
      2. Set type = PL/SQL Expression
      3. PL/SQL Expression = :p_field_does_not_exist
      4. Page items to submit = blank
      5. Selection Type = Item(s)
      6. Item(s) = p_field_does_not_exist

      p_field_does_not_exist does not exist as a page or application item which leads me to believe that this is a bug and I am just lucky that it worked.  I would rather know how to do this properly.  Can someone please provide a link to a working example of how this should be done or state which settings are wrong?

      I was able to reproduce the issue in the following app


      workspace = occam

      user  test/apex1