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    Managing watches


      Maybe I'm failing to see what's right in front of me ... wouldn't be the first time ...


      From the FAQ:  "To see the current list of watches, click on Your Control Panel and then Your Watches"

      Somehow I don't seem to be able to locate "Your Control Panel", or anything that seems to give a listing of current watches.

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          testing response ... I am unable to see my original posting except for the fact I trapped the url and go directly to it.  I wonder what this reply will do to the thread?

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              Hemant K Chitale

              Well ,this reply has appeared "out of sequence".


              I find that my responses to other threads don't appear in the Dashboard and Communications tabs but are visible when I open the actual threads -- correction : When I open a thread from the Communications tab, my last update to that thread is NOT visible.


              It's becoming increasingly confusing.


              Hemant K Chitale

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                Dude        ! wrote:




                This is the thread I was referring to when I interjected into My discussion is not getting posted has a question in OTN


                My response to myself was an attempt to "kick" it out of limbo.  When I left the office at 1530 USCDT yesterday, it still hadn't appeared.  Looks like it finally popped in sometime overnight.


                Also I see this morning a spate of 'duplicate' posts.  I suspect that was simply a result of people running into the same behavior ... create a post, it doesn't appear, so try again.  Kind of similar to what we saw regularly in the old forum, when there would be a long delay in screen response when creating a posting, so people would hit the 'enter' key again .... and again .... and again...  and end up with a duplicate post for every time they hit enter.

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                  And take note, I just posted a new thread another change in forum behavior?

                  at 0659 USCDT.  It didn't show up immediately.  Let's see how long it takes .....

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                    Hemant K Chitale

                    I posted a new thread 18 hours ago and I still can't see it.


                    Hemant K Chitale

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                      Dave Rabone
                      Well, it's there in overview tab, but not in content tab.  Which is annoying because most of the time Safari on IOS 6 won't open stuff from overview, unless you do a looong touch and pick open from the dropdown.   Most of the time 'cos it seems to work OK for the top post (but not others) the first time the page is reloaded from the links at the top of the page.  Perhaps the job that copies the tape containing the overview data to the tape for the contents data is waiting for a tape swap and the operator has gone to the pub.