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        GTS (DBA)

        Hello Aman and Hemanth  ;


        Sorry for distrubing you.  Yesteday you given one link  that was answerd by someone.

        Due to some reasons , i did NOT   check  or read fully and  you have removed your answer  or link details.

        Please paste that link - I want to refer it .

        This question is  also not visible here . What can i do ?



        >> IF possible , please help me ..

        1)  Should i wait some more time to post my questions ?

        2)  Suppose i want to clear my issues , where can i  communicate ?

        3)  Any  site admin  link  to get  support ?


        FYI : Please don't remove your  replies , In futur , i 'll refer that replies.


        @ Hemanth :

        Your have given one link finally , it is throwing error . i cant post my questions here .


        Thanks ..

        • 31. Re: CHECKPOINTS,  SCN, LSN
          Hemant K Chitale

          We haven't removed anything. Forums is misbehaving and posts don't seem to be visible.


          Go to the Home tab, then click on "Community Feedback and Suggestions" (under Oracle Technology Network) and post your issue there.  Hopefully the forum administrators will look at it.



          Hemant K Chitale

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