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    Oracle Forms Recognition - non-Accounts Payable application




      I've done a couple of projects using Oracle Forms Recognition (OFR) to process invoice images for Invoice Automation. Recently, I was asked to configure OFR to process some images for another purpose, as a proof of concept. Put simply, I just need to grab a couple of values from scanned images. No validation required.


      Here's what I have done so far:

      - I created a new project in Designer, and have been able to create the new fields that I want to pull off the images.

      - I copied the AP ini file and have configured it as best I can

      - I created a new RTS instance and pointed it at the new ini file.


      However, when I try to start the RTS instance, it starts and then stops straight away. I checked the OFR logs, and there are no errors that I can see.


      Does anyone have any suggestions about possible culprits for the RTS issue? Also, any suggestions on how to configure the ini file would be appreciated. For exaple, there are a lot of sections in the ini file that relate directly to AP. For instance, the PON_ sectionrelates directly to the PO Number field in Designer. Where is that relationship defined?


      Finally, regarding the Learnset - obviously, with AP with have the supplied Learnset. With my custom solution, I will have an empty Learnset. Any suggestions how to get the process moving with an empty Learnset?


      Thanks for any thoughts,