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    Question regarding oracle 12c cloud control and gridcontrol 10g


      We had grid control 10g fully intergrated years ago and it is fully in use, all databases are on target list and added.

      now somehow half year ago, management hired a consulting company to implemented 12c cloud control on another primary/standby environment.


      Before I push the agent over and discover the target, I have several questions I have to ask, hopefully guru here can help me.


      1). do I have to disable 10g grid control and remove those agents on each database hosts?

      2). Right now the primary 12c cloud control is down, but standby connection is up and running. Website can be open on standby site. How do I open the primary up? where/which logs I can check? Anyone has docs for it?

      3). Any good docs/comments are highly appreciated.


      thanks in advance.

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