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    assigning value and automatic row fetch


      db11gxe , apex 4.0 , firefox 24 ,

      hi all

      , it is a laboratory application ,

      i have a page with a tabular form for the patients' tests , the patient could do more than one test , like ( cbc , cfg , mrc) -- in a tabular form .

      what i want is :

      when the user double clicks a test in any record of the tests tabular form , another page is opened .

      -- the other page has an item which should be populated with the value of the test which was double clicked by the user ,

      and has a table which should be populated based on the data in the item .


      the situation is :

      the user double clicks the "cbc" test , the other page is opened , the item is populated with "cbc" , then the data are fetched in the table :

      the table has these data

      cat   test_name result     -- these are the columns


      cbc           --        --                     -- these are rows

      cbc           --        --


      i hope i illustrated it well .


      thanks a lot