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    Missing activity log records

    Tomas Albinsson



      This is on Apex

      I'm using the activity log to track page requests per day. A job does a count once a day.

      This has been working fine for months.


      Today I noticed that last Wednesday there were 9 requests, last Thursday 0 (none) and last Friday 1 request. No lines at all in the logs for Sat and Sun.

      As the normal values are 3-4000 a day this is really strange.

      It gets even more strange when I check our Google Analytics. It claims some 3300, 2500 and 1400 requests for the same week-days and 700+900 for Sat+Sun.


      I have set the workspace ID before running the query against APEX_ACTIVITY_LOG and running it against WWV_FLOW_ACTIVITY_LOG1$ gives the same result.

      For today (Monday) the records seem to be back to normal in the logs.


      Has anyone experienced this? Could the actual logging be having (sporadic) problems?



      Kind regards


      Tomas Albinsson