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    LCM import destination




      I'm tasked with using LCM to export all my IR reports from Prod and import into my Dev environment. Both environments are This is my first experience using Shared Services and LCM so please bear with me if my questions do not provide enough information. I'm trying to learn by doing here


      My (very) basic steps to this: Prod Shared Services I select Repository Objects > Export > Transfer export files to my Dev File System > Dev Shared Services select the file from the File System node > Import


      My question is: Can I change the import location for the artifacts? I want to copy all of the Prod repository items (along with the folder structure) into a single folder in my Dev environment. E.g. all my reports in Prod under \Prod_Root\Folder1\ and \Prod_Root\Folder2\ I want to import into \Dev_Root\Testing_Folder\Folder1\ and \Dev_Root\Testing_Folder\Folder2\


      Thanks in advance!


      Also, just to be clear, I am NOT trying to change the import_export folder location.

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          Celvin Kattookaran

          You can try editing the xml files in the LCM directory and import them, but can't you rename the folders after importing them (I don't how IR works, but wouldn't that be an easier approach)?





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            Thanks for the response Celvin.


            My current dev environment was an import of prod (done prior to my arrival). So my root folder structure is almost identical. However, these reports have been modified and replaced in between then and now. I want to keep these folders/files intact so that the developers can continue working on them and not be affected by my work. My goal is to import the complete folder structure with files from Prod into a separate folder in Dev under root. When I import now from Prod it just overwrites my current folder in Dev. If I could just import and rename I would rather that than messing with the xml but I don't think that is an option in my situation.